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Let me tell you a little about myself

I am committed to creating accessible, inclusive designs that integrate sustainability and innovation into my work whenever possible. My passion for people allows me to explore strategic and creative solutions as it pertains to user experience. I believe that my combination of technical expertise, creative vision and commitment to collaboration make me an ideal candidate for any digital creative role.

About Me

As a multi-passionate digital creative, I specialize in web design, graphic design, user experience research and interface design. I studied Psychology in Florida and Graphic Design in Oregon. This education has allowed me to fully integrate my preferred right and left brain thinking processes within my current profession,  motivating me to this day. My passions outside of my professional life include environmental engagement through outdoor adventures and education, incorporating sustainable practices into every day routines, herbalism, foraging, supper clubs, creating music playlists, watching films and photography.


I bring over 7 years of experience on cross-functional design teams to the table. My portfolio showcases a range of projects and styles, and demonstrates my ability to tell compelling stories through my work.

Industries I have worked within include:
• Electric Vehicles
• Consulting
• Healthcare
• Education
• Retail
• Non-profits

Curriculum Vitae

Career Foundry & Coursera
UX Research & UI Design
Pacific Northwest College of Art
Graphic Design
Florida State University
Copenhagen Business School
Strategic Management
California Institute of the Arts
Web Design: Strategy & Information Architecture
California Institute of the Arts
Web Design: Wireframes to Prototypes
California Institute of the Arts
Visual Elements of User Interface Design
Lead Graphic & UI Designer | Web Designer | UX Consultant

• Lead graphic designer that created social, internal and web design assets including implementing a full company rebrand.

• Designed and deployed various marketing deliverables and website blogs.

• Lead UI designer and UX consultant who collaborated with key stakeholders and developers in the Ukraine and U.K. to create a digital tool, website and marketing deliverables. This tool helps warehouse operators mitigate new law fees from diesel truck trips and assist with reducing annual emissions by way of transitioning to commercial electric vehicles and charging.

• Lead UI designer for a vehicle and charging dashboard to be released later in 2023.

Graphic Designer | UX Researcher

• Designed digital and print deliverables for clients and company which led to extended contracts and introduced billable design as an added feature for engagements. 

• Created design deliverables for the company and for client industries; retail, healthcare, finance, education and non-profits. These included presentations, infographics, data visualizations, UX personas, journey maps, site maps, information architecture, animated videos, social media posts, employee portraits and more.

• Created marketing content and strategies that attracted new hires and clients in addition to increased engagement across social channels. 

• Collaborated on projects with internal initiatives and practice areas; PropelHer (woman in business), Data & Analytics, Experience Design, DEI, People & Change Management.

Graphic Designer | Digital Print Studio Assistant
Pacific Northwest College of Art

• Designed print and deliverables for social media and events.

• Assisted in formatting digital files, large-format printing and documenting work on state-of-the-art printers and scanners calibrated to industry standards including experimental mediums.

Web Design Project Assistant
Miles Partnership

• Sourced, edited and organized photos, video and copy on both the front and back end of the official travel website for the United States (

• Contributed photographs to the website:
Kona and Kauai: From the Big Island to the Garden Isle
Natural Wonders of Arizona
Southern Oregon: A National Treasure Chest

Technical Skills

Adobe Creative Suite

Proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign –
with experience in After Effects and XD.


Proficient in designing, wireframing and prototyping in Figma.


Proficient in creating and maintaining successful websites
using Wordpress.


Successful deployer of digital marketing collateral
such as emails and newsletters with SEO optimization.


I have experience collaborating with teams using InVision,
though I personally prefer Figma.

Let's get personal

Why did I decide to be a designer?

I'm a 90's kid who grew up eating cereal and watching cartoons while crafting on Saturdays. Then the internet arrived and I spent my days learning Adobe Creative Suite and tailoring websites with graphics I designed and photographs that I took. As an adult, it just made sense ☺

What is my design process?

My design process is pretty standard because it works!
I've outlined my typical project flow in five steps:

Research – My favorite phase because we get to explore "Blue Sky" thinking. What is possible? What is out there? How can it be made new? How does this help people? How does this inspire? I dive into questions like these and more to really understand what is possible for each unique project.

Iterate – A crucial phase for any design is the iterative process where good and bad designs can exist until the most desired state is on the horizon. Success and satisfaction is achieved through trial, error and exploration.

Critique – It's important to check your ego at the door and realize that many perspectives are beneficial to a project as long as they are based on a shared goal. Change can be uncomfortable, but growth is a desirable state of being for both human and design.

Refine – This phase is metaphorically akin to sculpting a stone down to the fine details. We combine learnings from the previous stages to nurture our project into public existence.

Present – Time to share! Our journey is completing and now we get to see how our audience responds. The common hope is that they are enthused and helped from our work.

How do I deal with creative blocks?

Creative blocks are part of journey. When one hits, I usually watch films, go on road trips, visits museums, look through art books at libraries or photograph. On occasion, I read about topic I'm interested in learning more about or dive into creative writing.

What are my hobbies outside of design?

My passions outside of my professional life include environmental engagement through outdoor adventures and education, incorporating sustainable practices into every day routines, herbalism, foraging, supper clubs, creating music playlists, watching films and photography.

What People Are Saying

Stephanie Halmich
Creative Director

"Sarah demonstrated a deep understanding of the principles of UI/UX design and was able to take complex directions and distill them into user friendly interfaces that resonated with our audience. Sarah is also an excellent collaborator who always worked tirelessly to make sure that our products met the needs of both our clients and our internal teams. She was always highly responsive and professional. Many of the people we worked with together would consistently contact me to comment on the same."

Karina Sabata
Marketing & Communications

"I worked with Sarah on various creative projects and was continuously impressed
with their quality of work and turnaround time. There were many time-sensitive projects that Sarah put together with expert project management skills. Sarah is an excellent UI and UX designer who really knows their stuff. Every website and platform they designed was expertly executed. Sarah has the kind of expertise every creative team needs!"

Daphne Chang
Art Director & Designer

"I had the pleasure of working with Sarah on the Creative Team at Ideanomics. She has an excellent eye for design and is always dedicated to see the success of any project thrown her way. I have always been inspired by her unmatched ingenuity for UI/UX design and creative insights that are always delivered thoughtfully. She undoubtedly adds incredible value to any team, and I would whole-heartedly recommend Sarah to anyone looking to work with a talented, capable designer."

Sela Foster
Art Director & Designer

"Sarah is a talented and thoughtful designer that I was proud to be on a team with! She has a great eye for design and user experience. Our company came with a number of unique challenges, and Sarah provided our team with great creative solutions. She's a great asset who works with compassion and drive, and I'd highly recommend her to any team!"

Fadi Salah
Principal Consultant

"Sarah always quickly and expertly turned around amazing visual work that always told a story and impressed our clients. They are always willing to go that extra mile to achieve exceptional results. Sarah did so much for our internal DEIB initiative, highlighting the important contributions of Black Americans in the US past, present and future."

Howard Zhou
Manager, Marketing Science

"Sarah is not just a graphic designer; she has fantastic product sense and UI/UX talents, which always make the project go above and beyond. Her delivered work grants shape and color with soul and life, and I had never tasted the flavor of failure and delay when I worked with Sarah. With a team have Sarah, I truly believe every single member will grow exponentially with complete satisfaction and happiness. Sarah, I’m proud to be your workmate and friend!"

Annie Lyons
Principal Consultant

"Sarah has been in invaluable thought and creative partner. Their customer-centric approach meant that client facing assets and materials always told the right story and helped moved conversations and strategies forward. Sarah’s passion for UX/UI and visual design helped to expand my personal view of information architecture and digital transformation. Their insatiable curiosity both fuels and inspires."

Katharina Theobald
Principal Consultant

"Sarah is incredibly talented in visual and conceptual design. I had the privilege of working with them on a website redesign for a local non-profit. Their journey maps were insightful, and they pulled together fast prototypes of what the future state could be in three different platforms virtually overnight - with user flows that were intuitive, beautiful, and on-brand. I cannot recommend Sarah highly enough!"

Omsri Bharat
Learning & Development Manager

"Sarah is a gem! I had the opportunity to work with Sarah during a high visibility customer experience project where they designed customer journey maps, executive decks, and a strategic whitepaper. They were our go-to design thought partner! Sarah is creative, iterative, and collaborative, and most importantly they are able to hone in on exactly what a client needs to see and absorb. I hope we can work together again someday, because they are an asset to any team."

Carl Terranova
Principal Consultant

"Sarah took time to understand their goals and mission, as well as their technical support capabilities, and was able to translate that into a comprehensive design strategy and architecture that not only met the client's needs, but left them feeling excited and confident about their ability to manage it, going forward. It was a joy to work with someone so genuinely interested in the holistic success of their client, their project, and their team."

Ana Even
Senior Program Manager

"I highly recommend Sarah for her exceptional work. Her creativity, attention to detail, and dedication to delivering high-quality work set her apart. She communicated effectively throughout the project, welcomed feedback, and delivered a beautiful and cohesive design that exceeded stakeholders expectations. I would gladly work with her again in the future."

Angel Xie
VP, Marketing & Communications

"Sarah brought the fresh breath of order in the midst of chaos for many different projects. She was the one who actively listened throughout a meeting, and came back unprompted with a dashboard full of experience maps and wireframes that made everything seem so simple and straightforward. She is hugely valuable to any teams large or small, brand or agency."